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April 25, 2015

We all have authors that we love and then there are the author's whose feet we practically worship at (that may be a bit of an exaggeration but let's be real; how many times have we been willing to perform sacrificial offerings to get a snippet, a teaser, or maybe even an update on how our favorite characters were holding up... that's what I thought).

I have so many authors that I love and adore and I would add them all on here if I could but alas, it is late and I am slightly sleep deprived from final's coming up (which I should be studying for... oops). Therefore, I have decided to comprise a list of some of my absolute favorite authors to date and fear not, these are not the only ones but simply, those whose books I have read past and present and essentially, cannot live without.

  • Cassandra Clare (author of The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Magisterium, and oh my goodness... the list goes on)
    • Yup... it would not be a proper post without mentioning one of my all time favorite authors out there. I've been reading her books ever since my awkward, middle school stage (and awkward it was) and the last book in The Mortal Instrument series came out only weeks before my high school graduation so her books do hold a very special place in my heart. If you're looking for an  EPIC read and do not mind getting you're heart shattered and stomped on several times, then a Cassandra Clare book is the one for you! Not only is she an amazing author but also incredibly interactive with her readers (if you want to follow her on twitter, you can do that here). Best known for her books in the shadowhunter chronicles, she is also co-authoring another series with author Holly Black called The Magisterium!
  • Sarah J. Maas  (author of the Throne of Glass Series and her new upcoming NA series A Court of Thorns and Roses... EEEP)
    • a.k.a The Queen of Ultimate Badass Heroins and should also be referred to as queen of character development (seriously... have you read her books?). I'm not gifted enough with words to even begin describing the plethora of feels, tears, and just overwhelming roller coaster ride of emotion and unworldly hot guys (*sigh* I want them all) that make up her books. Of course, that makes it sound like her books are just over crawling with men and rivers created by my own tears but that's not what I meant... I'll be honest with you guys.. I have never read a book whose writing is so beautifully descriptive and filled with emotion like these books. I swear the world building in itself just blows your mind. When you read these books it's not just your brain (yup, I'm getting really technical here...fasten your seatbelts) processing the words and creating a mentally visual representation, the story glides like a paintbrush on a canvas, creating this beautiful and dark realm that you can't help but get lost in. Seriously, you get lost in her world and it is so well done (you'll need a map to find you're way back to reality).
  • Susan Dennard (author of Something Strange and Deadly series and upcoming Truthwitch )
    • If you're looking for an author with not just amazing, kickass books but also a lot of inspirational and helpful advice for future, aspiring authors, then I give you Susan Dennard. I fly through her books and love them so much (and not just because the MC is from Philly...or well, 1800's Philadelphia but same thing ). If you're looking for a fun and definitely adventurous ride, then I highly recommend you check out her books. Her books are so unique in style and context, I mean... it's not every day you read about a strong female protagonist from the 19th century that just so happens to kick ass when it comes to fighting the walking dead...yes, I did just say "the walking dead" along with her trusted and adorably stubborn squad (I'm batting my eyelashes at you, Daniel). She also co-authors with Sarah (as seen above) in The Starkillers Cycle which is something you should go check out if you haven't yet (it's free and super fun to read, especially if you're into sci-fi) and you can subscribe or see it here ! And side note: whose excited for Truthwitch because I can't remember the last tine I was this excited for a book to come out... January, please come quick. 
  • Stephanie Perkins (author of Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, Isla and the Happily Ever After )
    • Anytime I think about a book I've read by Stephanie Perkins I cannot help but get this very strange feeling of warmth in my stomach with a mix of adrenaline... oh wait, that's called happiness. These books are just pure, exulting happiness and while they do of course have problems in them (what's a book without conflict, right?) you can't help but be almost giddy with joy after reading one of her books because they're just an absolute joy to read.
  • Alexandra Bracken (author of The Darkest Minds series and upcoming Passenger )
    • jfhd <--- this was not me but my keyboard which goes to show that even my computer knows Alexandra Bracken's books are fantastic (I'm not kidding). If you are not familiar with The Darkest Minds series, then I recommend you familiarize yourself with them because Oh mY Goodness....YOU GUYS... these books are fantastic and so action packed and adrenaline inducing that you might just find yourself pulling an all-nighter trying to finish one of these puppies (maybe wait till school's over??) Once you pick them up you won't be able to put them down and if you LOVE and CRAVE character development in books like yours truly then well... consider yourself warned.
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout (there's simply too many to list but a couple are the Lux Series, The Dark Elements Series, Don't Look Back, etc.)
    • Whether you're new or old to the YA genre, chances are you've crossed paths with one of Jennifer's works of ART. She's written something for everything; humans, aliens, demons, and even gargoyles (and by written for I mean written about, although if you are an alien or gargoyle reading this, I'm sure you'll love these books as well ). Another fantastic author who dominates an entire shelf on my bookshelf simply because there's so many books and they're all incredible that I can't not own them.
  • Diana Gabaldon (Outlander Series )
    • Oh my words... I don't even know where to start but all I'm going to say is if you have not read Outlander then you need to stop what you're doing and go out and get it because Outlander is Life...okay? okay.
  • Mary E. Pearson (The Remnant Chronicles)
    • While I do admit being relatively new to this author, that does not mean that I am not REALLY excited for her current and future books. *sigh* How do I even begin to describe Mary E. Pearson's books? Well, there's definitely a kickass protagonist, some, again, very hot guys with at times indiscernible motives and OH... that one time she threw a plot twist at us so hard it practically knocked me back into the year 1995... yup, that happened. She definitely keeps you on your toes but that is one of the reasons why I love her books and what makes it such an intriguing read.
Thank you so much for reading guys! I Hope that you've found some of your favorites on this list or that I've introduced you to a new author.... whatever it is, I hope you enjoyed this! Tell me your favorite authors in the comments below or any recommendation you have.


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